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Epiphany Services

  • Experience an epiphany.
  • Solve a problem.
  • Learn how to solve large problems.

Writing Consulting Services

  • Understand your writing process.
  • Create a quality document.
  • Learn how to continue to create quality documents.

Slow the F**k Down Services

  • Understand your ethical paradigm.
  • Learn to manage professional & personal environments on your ethical paradigm.
  • Apply concepts such as right thought, conduct, and “peace of mind.”

What is Epiphany Consulting?

What it is?

An epiphany is an answer to a problem you’ve been thinking about for a while. The problem is typically a big one—big enough that it requires ample thought. Having the realization isn’t just about having enough thought: it’s also about thinking in a specific way. An epiphany consultant helps a client solve large problems by introducing them to a methodological thought process that enables large ideas to connect. Epiphany Consulting thus aims to aid clients to become familiar with both their thought and non-thought processes.   

What’s the big deal?

An increase in data consumption and subsequent stress-levels with western society have led to a decrease in performance and all around professional success. Epiphany Consulting allows for individual and company-wide growth by offering a variety of services that teach the methods of problem solving, writing and slowing down the mind.     

How do I have my light bulb moment?

Epiphany Consulting aids individuals in their pursuit of a light bulb moment. Whether you feel stuck in a certain problem or you want to learn how to dial back your mind from the immense amount of stimulus in our lives, Epiphany Consultants  introduce a methodological thought process that is tailored to you. Consultations are discussion oriented and conversations revolve around a series of interconnected questions. The questions get more specific as the conversation takes shape. Research and theory are introduced along the way. Light bulb moments can happen at any time, in any place, and Epiphany Consulting provides services to ignite the light bulb inside of you.   

What's New?


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Epiphany Workshops

Registration opens September 25, 2017  for our fall workshops! This 4 part series allows you to work with a small group of people as you learn the methodology of epiphanies. Register now and receive a copy to The Descent into Happiness. Are you ready to have your light bulb moment? 

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